Engineering Design Calculations
Get optimal solution in real time.

GrafiCalc© Elements is groundbreaking software that allows you to conceptualize, analyze, and solve a wide range of engineering design challenges while making informed decisions in real time.

GrafiCalc Elements seamlessly combines the power of parametric sketching and automated calculating in one application. In GrafiCalc Elements you simply point-and-click to bi-directionally associate geometry and calculations in the same worksheet to capture the functional intents of your design challenge – If any design parameter is varied the entire worksheet is recalculated automatically to deliver the updated solution in real time.

The dynamic bi-directional association of geometry and calculations in the same worksheet in GrafiCalc Elements enables you to solve design challenges in minutes while performing interactive "what-if" analysis of engineering options. Validated solution-models created in GrafiCalc Elements can be managed, reused, and shared.

You can use GrafiCalc Elements standalone as well as in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications on any computer running any version of Windows.

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