Why GrafiCalc Elements


Following are five (5) top reasons why GrafiCalc Elements justifies itself on every engineer’s desktop:

Reason 1. Sketch and Solve The seamless fusion of parametric geometry and automated graphical calculations in GrafiCalc Elements helps users to virtually eliminate tedious mathematical calculations and equations solving from the engineering design process. The real-time interactive answers from GrafiCalc Elements enable you to evaluate multiple design options before committing to the final design.


In example above, as the radius of the hole through the cross-section of the cantilever beam is changed the deflection calculation is updated automatically in real time.

Reason 2. Use as companion to Microsoft Excel Today millions of engineers use Excel for performing engineering design calculations. Excel is powerful ubiquitous mathematical calculation software but it is not possible to enter geometry directly in Excel. Users are obliged to mathematically describe the geometry related parameters in Excel calculations – an error-prone tedious process that can inhibit innovation.

Instead, you can link GrafiCalc Elements and Microsoft Excel to dynamically exchange information in both directions using Windows standard DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) protocol. This way you can create graphical calculation macros in GrafiCalc Elements that feed Excel calculations. Conversely, you can use values and calculations in Excel to dynamically drive the geometry in GrafiCalc Elements solution models.

In the example above, geometry in GrafiCalc Elements is driven by values in Excel cells. Geometry-dependent calculations are performed in GrafiCalc Elements and are dynamically linked to cells in Excel.

Reason 3. Leverage CAD geometry You can exchange geometry between GrafiCalc Elements and any CAD application using the 2-way DXF translator built within GrafiCalc Elements. Initial geometry can be sketched in GrafiCalc Elements as well as imported from CAD. Final Geometry can be exported to CAD.

Reason 4. Create professional quality design documentation You can print engineering drawings directly from within GrafiCalc Elements.

You can also copy and paste information from GrafiCalc Elements into Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook for generating professional quality design reports and documenting the intellectual property.

Reason 5. Create, reuse, and share validated solution templates With GrafiCalc Elements you can create library of validated solution templates that can be reused as well as shared with other members of the design team - GrafiCalc Elements is priced to justify on every engineer’s desktop!

Design Better – First Time Right.